Endorsement: Mark Ritchie

Heartland PAC is proud to endorse Mark Ritchie in his campaign to be come Secretary of State in Minnesota.

Given Mark Ritchie’s experience and background, it would be difficult to find someone today who is more qualified to be the Secretary of State of Minnesota. He is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Mary Kiffmeyer who Tom Vilsack describes in his latest blog post.

Find out more to watch his video on his site at www.MarkRitchie06.net or read our profile of him.

Governor Ted Kulongoski

Governor Kulongoski’s dedication to public service and improving the lives of Oregonians is unmatched. Not only has he worked to make Oregon better these last four years, but he has done so for the last thirty years.

As a state legislator in the 1970s, he introduced legislation to prohibit discrimination against gays and lesbians. As Oregon’s Insurance Commissioner he pioneered worker’s compensation reform. And as Attorney General he reformed the juvenile justice system to create the Oregon Youth Authority.

He even served on the Oregon Supreme Court. His experience in every level of Oregon’s government gives him a unique perspective over how to solve Oregon’s problems.

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Gov. Kulongoski on Oregon’s Biggest Challenge
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