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Welcome to Heartland PAC’s Website!

This interactive effort is a call to action for Democrats to regain the mantle as the Party of ideas and to inspire bold new public policy around the values of opportunity, security and responsibility. (Learn More)

Thirty-eight governors will be elected across the country in 2005-06 and a myriad of statewide office holders will be selected on the same ballots. These offices, especially governors, have a dramatic impact on public policy, influencing people’s lives in dramatic ways and forecasting the political future for both parties for decades to come.

None of this can be a reality without your ideas and your action. By electing new leadership at the state and local level, we pave the way to regain the majority status as a Party.

But to do this, we must close the idea and message gap. We invite you to become innovators and activists with us at Heartland PAC. Join the discussion, start your own discussions, and by doing so help us identify and develop the best ideas to share with candidates who want a different outcome on Election Day.

I hope you’ll join our effort. Be an activist, start the conversation, get involved in your community. Expect and demand good ideas from your leaders and support candidates who promote them.

Thank you for visiting Heartland PAC’s website and I encourage you to submit your thoughts and ideas in one of our discussions.


Tom Vilsack