2006 Races

2006 Races: State by State

To regain the majority we must expand the map. One of the best ways to do that is to build the bench at the state level.

Governors and other state wide elected officials play important but often overlooked roles in determining many aspects of our quality of life.

While Governors create jobs, improve education and make health care more affordable, other statewide officials such as Attorneys General and Secretaries of State have crucial roles. Attorneys General provide consumer protection and fight crime, fraud and corruption.

In 2006, thirty-six governors races and a myraid of statewide races will be contested. Of these races, twenty-two states have elections for Secretaries of State who control the electoral process in their state. This site is dedicated to helping elect the best and the brightest by providing bold new ideas to a new generation of leadership.

View our race profiles of the 36 gubernatorial races in 2006

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