About Us: Heartland PAC Facts

In 2005 and 2006 thirty-eight governors races will be contested plus a myriad of the statewide races. Heartland PAC was formed by Governor Tom Vilsack to support the election of Democratic governors and other statewide offices.

Heartland PAC will support vulnerable incumbents and challengers with a focus on expanding the map.

Heartland PAC via this website will become a marketplace of ideas that will feature innovative public policy and best practices based on the values of opportunity, security and responsibility.

Heartland PAC will actively work with candidates urging them to embrace new ideas.

Heartland PAC will actively work on a values based message of opportunity, security and responsibility that brands Democrats as big thinkers and innovators which will become the roadmap for regaining the majority.

Contributions are accepted from individuals, corporations, unions and PACs.

Contributions are not accepted from foreign nationals (individuals or corporations) and nationally chartered banks.

Contributions are used to support Heartland PAC Policy Conferences and activities of the PAC on policy issues, and in the support of elections of Democratic Governors and other statewide offices.

Contributions to Heartland PAC are not subject to federal election law limits. Heartland PAC files public disclosure reports of expenditures and contributions with the IRS as a political organization and various states in accordance with state election laws.

Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.