Opportunity, Responsibility, Security

Heartland PAC will place a premium on innovation and ideas that reflect the values of our Party. I believe the road to regaining a majority is dependent on the articulation of the core values of opportunity, responsibility, and security. These values are central to the American way of life and Democrats have failed to convince voters of our commitment to such a defined set of principles.

We must address parents’ fears about their futures and that of their children in addition to the concept of opportunity being rooted in a good job with a decent wage. We must link responsibility to our collective responsibility, not just individual responsibility, to care for and educate our children in order to create a civil society. We must include retirement and healthcare security when we discuss personal safety and terrorism.

White Papers

View Governor Vilsack’s accomplishments throgh the values of opportunity, responsibility, and security. Click on each link below to dowload the PDF.

Opportunity: Economy

Responsbility: Education

Security: Health Care

Government Reform