Georgia - 2006

Election Info

Filing Deadline:
April 28, 2006
Primary Date:
July 18, 2006

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Notable Articles

Perdue to pay $1,900 fine for ethical lapses
(AJC 6/18/05)
Cox-Taylor race for governor will be fun to watch
(Atlanta Bus. Chr. 10/29/04)

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Georgia Governor

Incumbent Republican



Cathy Cox (bio)
Georgia Secretary of State
Campaign Website

Mark Taylor (bio)
Lieutenant Governor of Georgia
Campaign Website


Sonny Perdue
Governor of Georgia
Approval Rating: 61%
(Zogby/AJC 12/29)

Recent Polling

Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion (3/17)

Perdue: 48%
Cox: 40%
Undecided/Other: 12%

Perdue: 50%
Taylor: 34%
Undecided/Other: 16%